The producers of Ryu-Kon 2014 got this hate mail and we thought it would be funny to do a dramatic reading of it. I pasted the text of the message below so you see the insane grammar for yourself.

“Wow um ok I’m blown away all that work ethic knowledge skill and what’s is the fund for? A animae cartoon fake bull life that you are in a cult like state transfixed on ok we’ll news life with reality and humans is flowing and buzzing in reality. I am a artist and well had a 0’and now 10 I have suffered fought overcome more than u lil freaks ever flake up and see I’m going to fundraise Or volunteer so I decided to check out what ideas well I am not going to pick a self inducing unreal sickness. I have a news flash there little kids sick and dying of cancer cause selfish freaks won’t help there are advocates like me and I am fighting for my son and treatment fair yet letting a learning disabled child adhd as I am it’s a horror and odd defiant yet u need to not act out mental health advocacy and really getting him ever single damn right and think he’s entitled to in his education most cause I will make sure I’m there and he’s not treated different or bullied as a child so he gets a ssi check and puts it to use for respectful things and savings lil does he know that i am working my ass to the bone u would not understand work or ethics inner health and stability I fucking am sick but not at both cause I love that I am dreaming my reality and success is prospering I have drive respect my elders practice martial arts and wow your cooky bunch wouldn’t know what’s the up down or just I dunno I’m Inpiring the youth teaching self worth deserving human beings love yourself the hardest lesson for most why I am even wasting my time here I really can’t say I’m sick and you are all sick and toxic at this moment however find something and believe in it cause I and real people won’t give to your sad fundraiser that by the way is sadly gonna be a not so festive role play of cult and bullshit jargon piss pots cause I reported your sick fucked up cause. People have aids, cancer, diseases, I can’t fathom and I want to just help everyone but I cannot an my cause hits home a real deal . But we are normal the children have defiance and really traumatic stuff but really we are all just kids running hyper and free but no labels now get your fucked up sick ass off this craigslist or I’ll tear it down legally police and fed enhanced you prompass spoiled kids and do something cause u are a waste of skin not good find a cause that’s real and suffer and talk your shit then. I’m so disgusted but I am letting go u will not make me sad or upset I will always be a prospering sweet kind one yet fierce protective as well not walked on.”