The 3rd Annual Cubas & Kay Files Memorial Show was a total success. Once a year actors in and around the “nameless!” community get together to honor friends and mentors that have inspired us. One thing that has made “nameless!” so special is that many of the original cast members now produce shows all over the country. Dave Prejeant is director of Sustainable Differences and Casey Saba is director of Men In Suspenders. Both of them brought their cast along for the show and we all had a blast with the awesome audience.

Casey stars in Bio Dome 4, the budget cut.

The show took place at SLU’s Vonnie Borden Theater in Hammond, Louisiana. I have a lot of memories here because my mom was head of the dance department for about 30 years. In fact, some of the first productions I worked on when I was a young boy took place in this theater. The first was when I was five years old, it was a dance piece called The Crossing.

Steve Schepker Technical Director for SLU was in the booth running lights and sound for the show, which was extra cool because growing up I learned so much from seeing how he designed and managed productions. And in the tech booth still hangs that sign that describes directors perfectly, “And God said let there be light, and the director said, this is not what we talked about”.

Jacob showed up to the theater with a stack of 1 dollar comic books from a gas station for the improv game Actor’s Nightmare. My first thought was OMG JACOB YES YES YES!




The show featured Casey Saba, Wade Kerr, William Rushing, Dennis Thom, Lindsey Ehricht, Trey Lagan, Christopher James Jenkins, Sarah Campbell Prejeant, Conor McGibboney, Chad Pierce, Jacob Zeringue, Mike Yoder and Shawn Curry.

The show was filled with fun and wild moments. We started doing these reunion shows because our dear friend and original “nameless!” cast member Brandon Cubas passed away very unexpectedly and we wanted to honor him. Just like many of the projects we work on together it has turned into something much bigger and much more special than we ever planned. In that cast photo the photographer asked us to mean mug the photo, so I don’t normally make awful frowns like that. Mean mugs aside, my heart was full of joy to share the stage with such wonderful friends, colleagues, and audience members who seemed to enjoy my awkward science jokes.