This is me.


Hi friends, my name is Paul Clemente co-founder of construxnunchux.com and I will be working with the talented humans and “nameless!’ Comedy this year. I come from vast experience running, managing, and creating material for blogs for 60% of a decade now.

My comedy blog construxnunchux.com, my hockey blog pensinitiative (not to be confused with penisinitiative which is NOT about hockey), and working for dozens of other’s friends blogs throughout the years has given me experience in this field that will help “nameless!” spread its comedy seed all over your eager faces.

To connect with YOU, our loyal “nameless!” fans, I want to tell you a little bit about myself.  I was born in Pittsburgh under the name Paul Clemente (a name that I have used to this day) and raised by two giant human beings to where I was fed various foods, taught to be afraid of bees, and getting lost in the woods.  Once the two giant human beings shrank enough to where I did not need their anti-bee propaganda anymore, I moved to away to become an adult or dinosaur (which ever came first).

In 2010 I  founded construxnunchux with my brother, Ian Insect, in hopes to distract myself from the harsh reality that I would never become a dinosaur. It started as a digital journal detailing our complicated childhood of alternative tomato fertilizers, dentist office terrorism, and mild-to-moderate physical distress.

Our body of work at construxnunchux values quantity over quality with dozens of series, webshows, and videos available on our YouTube Channel.

Lobster Lobby Season 3 with Andrew WK:

Murderhole:Jamestown Documentary:

Woods Madness III Trailer:

The handsome humans at “nameless!” and I will undoubtedly create some amazing projects together and please look forward to our projects together. I feel incredibly lucky that they opened their world to me, and I can only hope to contribute to their collective vision.