During Season 1 of the “nameless!” comedy live Jamestown, NY show, we decided to see what would happen if Dr. Frankenstein interviewed possible lab assistants. Bronson Abbott plays Dr. Frankenstein, while Sam Abbott and Brandon Abbott play random characters throughout the sketch. Props to Nelson Scott and Nichole Comber for contributing to the music for this sketch.

Basically the sketch opens with Dr. Frankenstein is in his creepily adorned lush home laboratory. Various medical devices and experiments are around the laboratory. Dr. Frankenstein has constructed a device with a bird strapped in it and realizes that he needs help operating it. As the sketch progresses, Dr. Frankenstein’s commitment to science is matched with a group of job applicants equally set in their ways.


This is the poster from when we first performed the “Lab Assistant” sketch, June 6, 2012.


I remember how we wrote this sketch, the cast was playing around doing various improv games and Dr. Frankenstein got thrown into the mix. I was running around setting up lighting and sound equipment. All of a sudden I hear Dr. Frankenstein yell “It’s alive, It’s alive!!!!” then, Sam(Barry) got scared, stomped on Dr. Frankenstein’s experiment promptly provoking him to sadly scream “It’s dead, It’s dead!!!!!!!”

It was one of those moments in improv rehearsal where everything gels and laughter roars. We kept playing with different potential lab assistants being interviewed and eventually had a new sketch in our hands.

This sketch has turned out to be one of our most popular sketches from Season 1 in Jamestown. When “nameless” comedy performs the sketch in the improv version of our Monsters & Villains show “Lab Assistant Needed” is a part of the lineup. Of course my favorite part is when Dr. Frankenstein turns his experiment on.