We have an extra special Nameless! Improv Comedy show planned this year during the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival in Jamestown, NY. Nameless! alumni cast member David Prejeant will be joining us, he has been busy with his new show Sustainable Differences down south. David and I have worked together on a lot of fun projects from Urban Assault Improv to the Avengers of Improv. I am super excited he will be performing with the New York cast! Our core cast, Brandon Abbott and Bronson Abbott will also be joined by our frequent collaborator Sean Marciniak. The first time Sean performed with us was for the debut of our new show nameless underground during Lucy Comedy Fest 2015, the show was a mix of stand-up comedy and improv, and also was the same time as the Jerry Seinfeld show, our show totally sold out! This year, for Lucy Comedy Fest 2017, Cody Colin Chase will be performing with us for the first time, a total comic genus, you can catch him often at the Helium Comedy Club. This will be a fun show, just watch our 8-bit trailer.

The show will take place at The Forum right in the heart of downtown Jamestown. Check out the show brief below! This show has sold out two years in a row, so get tickets while they last!

Friday, August 4, 2017 @ 10:30 pm
Nameless! Improv Comedy
At a “nameless!” show the surreal becomes your date for the evening. This show is a classic improv comedy show. The “nameless!” actors will perform movie classics the way the audience wants to see them or perform new musicals never written before. The “nameless!” cast brings the depths of your imagination to the stage and every show is different because the audience decides what happens. Starring Brandon Abbott, Bronson Abbott, Cody Colin Chase, Sean Marciniak, and David Prejeant of Sustainable Differences.

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See you at the theater!