Expert Cosplay!

Expert Cosplay!

“nameless!“ comedy will be performing during Buffalo’s Ryu-Kon, anime and gaming convention, 2015. The convention will be held July 10, 11 and 12 at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, 153 Franklin Street.

Ryu-Kon is a celebration of Anime, Gaming, Steampunk, Pop Culture, Kawaii  and creativity!

“nameless!” will be presenting a headlining show, Improv Fantasia, as well as partisapating in other events during this creativity focused Anime convention.

At Improv Fantasia, the audience is invited to use their imagination to the max and create amazingly fanciful, enticingly silly fantasy scenarios. Have you ever wondered what would happen if astronauts found dragons on the moon or Voldemort went to the most swank dance club in London? At this classic “nameless!” comedy improv show, the audience gets to design the scenes from the depths of their own imaginations. Anything is possible, so share your imagination with us for Improv Fantasia! The performance will take place Sunday, July 12 at 1pm.

Here is a rundown of other events you can catch “nameless!” comedy at during Ryu-Kon.

“nameless!” will be hosting Ryu-Kon’s Got Talent, Saturday, July 11 at 5pm on the center stage.

“nameless!“ will be providing voiceovers for strange commercials during Inappropriate Celebrity Dubbing, Saturday, July 11 at 8pm.

Celebrity Fairy Tales.  In honor of Ryu-Kon’s 2015 fantasy theme, convention guests gathered up some of the most disturbing and creepy fairy tales and will share them with the audience, Friday, July 10 at 5pm.

Tales of Convention Horror. Convention guest will share awkward, strange and silly stories from past conventions, Sunday, July 12 at 11am.

“nameless!” is teaching Improv 101, the cast will walk participants through the basics of improv, including the most common pitfalls and problems. If anyone has ever wondered how improv actors can come up with so many ideas off the top of their heads, the cast will show you. The class will be Saturday, July 11 at 7pm.

Convention attendees can also hang out with the cast of “nameless!” during two extra special events.

Our fans are already excited about the Ryu-Kon 2015 show!

Our fans are already excited about the Ryu-Kon 2015 show!

Sweet Treats Social, hang out either the cast and other convention guests and enjoy a gourmet desserts buffet, Friday, July 10 at 6pm.

Celebrity Meet N Greet.  Enjoy the “Good VS Evil” Buffet with convention guest. Half of the table “The Good Side” will be decorated and filled with “Good” healthy but yummy treats, including Gluten Free items.  The other half, the “Evil side” will be decorated and filled with very fattening and yummy treats! Saturday, July 11 at 2pm.

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