Wow Tatsu-Con was a blast! We did all sorts of shows from a Live Action Mario Cart competition, to Classic Improv Comedy shows.


Brandon Abbott, Bronson Abbott, Paul Clement headed up most of the “nameless!” shows and we also produced a nerd themed stand-up comedy show featuring Shannon Dawn, John Lockwood, and Brian Netzel.


We interviewed Dutchess Von Dawson, an amazing artist who makes all sorts of cool things!


Bronson’s One Punch Man was a hit!


The Live Action Mario Cart competition was pure playtime.


Brandon’s Jiraiya always gets a lot of laughs!


Our main stage show went super smooth and the audience loved the improv games. THANKS AUDIENCE!


We did 15 events during the weekend and posted a lot of videos on our YouTube page.

Check the videos out here Interviews, Podcast, Main Show, Just good for a Laugh!