Casey Saba and I were on a road trip from New Orleans to Chicago to Atlanta and we packed a recording system in the car. The idea was to explore, see as many music shows and as much art as we could and if we got around to it record some music. By the time we got to Atlanta we had only recorded one song and it was not a real song, it was a fake song, spoofing shitty dance songs, by being a shitty dance song(not the kind of song you would want embedded on on a USB drive in your tombstone).  So at this stage of the trip we had two goals. The first was to find a hotel with a piano in the lobby, the second was that the hotel be approximately $30-$50 a night. Well maybe there is a hotel like this in Atlanta, but we did not find one. What we did find was a shady epicenter of a dark underworld.


A clear warning!

As we got closer and closer to Atlanta we called more and more hotels by doing searches on our phones and GPS device. We were not having much luck when I got through to a hotel and asked the representative if they have a piano in the lobby, he responded “no” followed with a curious laughter. I should have realized at this point  that his laughter about no piano in the lobby was a bad bad sign, but the cost of $24.99 a night prompted us to book a room.


As we pulled in the parking lot we noticed a sign had been posted on the back of the hotel as a warning to hookers, johns, and drug dealers, there seemed to be a large number of drunk people around at 2pm and a friendly reminder to keep phone conversations civil near the phone in the lobby, but you will be amazed what you will put up with after you have been in a car for 20 hours.

keep phone conversations civil-atlanta-nameless-comedy

Be nice and clean up after yourself!

Upon examining us behind a glass panel,  the cautious yet friendly hotel representative suggested why don’t we book the room for one night and see if we like it. And what a noble suggestion, because we had to keep the lights on to keep the bugs from swarming the room. Of course it really was the multiple screaming matches and fights that happened in the hallway outside of our room that kept us awake. An so we opted for a different hotel the next night.

We did have an amazing trip and got to explore a lot of places and creative ventures, but as our trip concluded we had still only recorded that shitty dance song in Chicago and so now we just had to make it back to Louisiana without dieing, so that would not be the last song we made.

Casey Saba and I collaborated on Chango Baby, so there is a non-crappy song at the end of this story.