This is a sneak peek into a recent “nameless!” comedy project, Sigfried’s Great Device. It is very very very silly because for one it takes place in some sort of cat world. Yes I said it, a world where catlike people roam free, except the story is not that simple. With dueling cat nations at war, the world’s fate is in Sigfried’s paw.


This actually happens in Sigfried’s Great Device and we assure you it is completely safe.

Sigfried’s father is a great general and Sigfried himself a great inventor with a fondness of the violin. Two cat nations are at war Mastodawn and Giseleaxeios.

I do want to say that at this point that we all realize how ridiculous this project is, but it is super fun. The characters in the project are dynamically twisted and despite what you may think from this post, it is not exactly a kids story either.

Basically all I am saying is that there are indeed kittens in parachutes in this project. I don’t want to give the story away in this post either, so please enjoy this sneak peek into our super silly production of Sigfried’s Great Device. The music below, by David Cassel, is one of the songs from the first album release of this project.