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Now why is this disclaimer ever useful?  For those not in the know, it’s required of certain political ads so that candidates and groups actually have to, you know, stand behind the claims in those ads.  It’s so that people know where the information is coming from.

And that’s kind of important.



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Why is that important?  Recently Rand Paul has received well deserved criticism for plagiarism in both his speeches (not that big of a deal) and in his columns (much more of a big deal).  Now I’m not tackling the stealing aspects of it, but the standing behind and sourcing of information.  For example, Wikipedia cites the sources at the bottom of the page.  That’s the real source of information…sources.  If the information turns out not to be true, you can go to the information source and find out why they got it wrong.  In the case of political ads one can usually guess why it was wrong.  In other cases, people are happy to be shown they’re wrong.  That’s how you learn something.  The important part is owning up to the mistake, assuming one has been convinced it is a mistake, and having correct information.


So at some point I’m going to forget to cite something correctly.  I’ll forget to cite it at all.  I’ll post something that’s an oversimplification or flat out wrong.  Hopefully I get corrected, unless I’m joking and every gets the joke.


So I approve the content of this blog, even when it’s wrong.


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